Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The devil is in the details...

I wanted to do this post separate from all of the Harry Potter party pictures because there is just so much detail, I didn't want any one kupcake to get passed over. So...(drum roll please)...allow me to present the Harry Potter Kupcake Kollection!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Harry Potter Birthday Extravaganza!

When my son decided to start reading Harry Potter, I was thrilled. When he asked to watch the movies, I was so excited to sit and watch them with him. When he declared that the theme for his party this year was to be Harry Potter, I about flipped out! This, my friends, was the outcome! Eeek!!!
The awesome invite files from Serendipity Soiree! They were AMAZING to work with!
The final outcome after all the printing and cropping was complete!
I'd seen the Hogwarts acceptance letters for sale online, but I knew I could make them myself.
 It took some trial and error, lots of typing and burning,
 but in the end, we had 3 pages of awesomeness and a very happy birthday boy!
We had three tables set up. This was the Hogwarts Hall table!
The entertainment otherwise know as Nonni and Grandad!
Yes, my parents ROCK!
The second of the three tables was the Honeydukes table,
full of yummy treats!

Chocolate and Vanilla Kupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream frosting
Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
The last of the three tables was the Potions table!
 Gillyweed, Truth Sirum, Hippogriff Livers, Blind Cat Eyes,
 Bat Eyes, Bloodworms, Dream Fluid, Troll Eyes and Dried Beetles!

Chocolate licorice, white chocolate and silver & lime green sprinkles
made some tasty Voldemort Wands!

To end the party, each guest took home a yummy Quidditch treat bag!

***Mischief * Managed!***

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